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Had dial done by International Dial (Robert Miller) Cost was $55.00 to refinish dial and install dial feet and shipping. I however had to remove to dial feet to get the watch to run properly. When dial was installed with feet the center hole was just slightly off center so that tube of hour hand would contact inner part of dial hole. At that point watch would not run smoothly and sweep second hand which should have been very smooth was at best jumpy. Without dial watch was very smooth. Tried to adjust feet at first but became afraid of damaging nice new dial and gave up on that. Finally just clipped off feet and used dial dots along the edge of movement ring.
I am finally starting to feel a bit better. Still have no energy and have lost about 15 pounds but at least now I feel like worst is over. While I was in hospital local jewelry shop texted saying he had more watch repair he needed. Told him it might be a week or so. Maybe next week I’ll get by to see what he needs.

Charles K