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Hi all,
Just thought I would update you a bit on what is going on with the Longines. First off I did get the date changing issue sorted out. To do that I removed the spring on date guard plate you can see in picture. I could see another spring pushing the date jumper through the plate. To hopefully keep it in place while removing the date guard plate I placed small pieces of rodico on the date ring around the watch. Removed the guard and looked and spring was gone. Scratched my head for a bit and searched for awhile and finally found it still attached to the underside of the date guard. The piece you can see in the picture that is being pushed by the spring on the top side of the date guard also had another spring on it under the guard which pushed the piece sideways into a notch on the date ring as piece retracted from motion of date wheel. Got everything cleaned and put back together and date now jumps at 12:00 exactly and watch runs, keeping time well. I am just now waiting for the dial to get back from refinishing so I can put everything all together. I will post a picture when I get it finished.
Charles K