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Here are a few pictures of watch. One is of badly abused dial with partial bad restoration of number track around 5 o’clock. Dial is being packaged to be sent off for real restoration now. Another picture shows under dial with hands back on so I could observe how date change works. Notice the massive amount of adhesive used to hold dial on after feet had broken off. That’s also after I removed a lot of it when I removed dial. The last picture for now will be of the back including the automatic portion. Mention that on purpose because that part is gummed up inside so that when you wind watch with crown it is very tight and weight spins. Probably has clutch in bad need of cleaning. Good news is that watch stated running about 1:00 today and it is still keeping time with the watch I wear everyday.
Sort of thinking about restoring it to give as Christmas present to family member. Kind of had in mind to take pictures and give copy of them along with watch so that person who got it could know what was involved in their gift.
Charles K

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