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Some of these movements have the pendulum specs stamped on the back plate down one side.
If your Regula is marked 25, its pendulum length is 7 3/4″ (19.5 cm). If it’s marked 25L, pend length is 9 1/4″ (23.5 cm). If 25/08, pend length is 11″ (28 cm).
Found this info on the internet, hope it helps.
As Jim rightly says, a bent pivot if not too bent can be straightened out and if there are marks on it you can gently file then burnish them out. This should be done on a strip down anyway. Those collets are there just to hold the wheel together so don’t worry too much about damage, a bit of sanding with wet and dry paper will tidy it up a bit. If the ratchet is not any better then have a look at a new wheel. These Regula movements do not have a great reputation so dont be hard on yourself if you have a rough time with it.
Good luck and keep us informed.

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