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Hi David,
my in-between lathe is Vario-lux
It is a hobbyist lathe but has the important mill attachment and covers anything too big for my watchmakers lathe. It handles most things well, takes the ER type collets and is as accurate as I need it to be.
For my bigger jobs, when I finally get it set up, I will have a Holbrook lathe (I was very lucky and got given this one). I have the C8 but without the electronic control post you see in the picture with the blue lathe
That was a heavy bit of kit to get up 3 flights of stairs!
I did get offered a Lorch 10mm lathe a while back but it needed far too much work doing to it, nice lathe but like the Pultra etc, the parts and accessories are expensive and hard to come by.
The next thing on my list is an American Watch Tool Co. WW pattern 8mm lathe, comes with crosslide, 4 and 3 jaw chucks and a face plate but without collets, the guy who is selling it to me wants next to nothing for it so it will be a real bargain.

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