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    So how long did it take to clean up for your presentation? :D by the way you are doing a excellent job at it and have some great ideas..I like the way your showing each section in your shop..I might have to copy that idea….Please dont sell your soul though, I think that may be all thats left after everything else rusts away. Oh and by the way I meant that there is no hope for the mental battle of rationalization and justification BUT of course there is hope for the addicted, I have come to accept the fact that I am like a fish, anything shinny I am attracted to…. if I bite on it I just take the ride and if it starts to taste funny when reason returns try and wiggle myself out of it. William

    I have lots of small containers, so I can clear a lot of clutter from camera range quickly . We just won’t talk about the dishes, the current laundry situation, or how high the grass is at this point :D Also, I haven’t actually taken apart the Atmos (sometimes I just stare at it from across the room and bite my nails), so I’m sort of between projects. I usually rationalize by promising myself that I’ll sell something next week to pay for the thing that I want to buy now. The trouble is that next week I’ll buy something else, still promising myself that I’ll sell the same item that I’ve already committed to sell to pay for the last thing I bought.