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    Howdy and welcome, looks like a very nice work space ;) , I like the bench area in particular. Using both sides, I am toying with the very same concept in my shop for the lathes I use (the island area). I understand the endless list or possibly lust for tools and attachments. you see, under that blinding mask of tool insanity still lies the glimmer of reason. for the want of the attachment missing from the box is the sane reasoning in how to acquire it. until the late night hour in the shadows of the gloomy shop, hungry yet happy we wring our hands in anticipation of the day the new possession actually comes in handy and makes life easier, the flooding thoughts of reason say how insane the quest has been. I am sorry but from my experience…….there is no hope 🙄 ….. just acceptance. hope your day is filled with joy :D , William

    Thanks for the welcome. I’m glad to be here ! I think you’re right to say that there’s no hope for a shameless addict. I have more Unimat stuff on the way as we speak. I have no idea why. I really want the WW spindle with all the collets, but I might have to sell my car, or possibly my soul, to get it. I’m just as bad with the clocks as I am with the tools. As for the two sided work bench; it works really well for me, as I often have overlapping projects spread all over the place. I still try to adhere to a two clock at a time rule, because three would likely bring me to the brink of chaos.