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@david pierce wrote:

Is that the auction site for the watches? It looks like the picture of a house to me.
I do not have a lot of spare time due to my job but every now and then I will work on a watch. I do not have any plans to start a watch repair business in the future but I enjoy this as a hobby and a learning experience. I mostly enjoy working on smaller watches but to do this I had to invest in equipment that probably would not be necessary for the larger pocket watches and clocks. Seeing the smaller parts, manupilating the small parts and accutately measuring small parts throws everything into a different paradigm. I joined the NAWCC in my area but so far it has been a dissapointment. Issues concerning the repair of clocks is almost never discussed and the repair of watches is never discussed. The president of the chapter is a woman who I do not believe ever picked up a screwdriver in her entire life. Watches are not even mentioned at these meetings.


I’ll bet that is rather typical of NAWCC chapters.


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