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    @Bob Tascione wrote:

    Hi Tom,
    I checked my assortments but have nothing that matches your jewel. Does Cousins have a jewel with a slightly larger diameter same I.D.? Yes you could always make a setting but if you would like to keep things original and get it running for now you could make a bushing with same dimensions as jewel and press that in for now while continuing your search. This would give you a chance to do some small drilling and possibly make a small spade drill for that .14 pivot hole. Good practice! You can also buy small twist or Mascot spade drills. If possible try grabbing some mixed jewel assortments up on Ebay or maybe from Uncle Larrys or Dashto. I used to purchase gross assortments from La Rose but they are no longer in biz. I’m sure you’ll find some out there somewhere though. Always good to have on hand.


    Bob, et. al:

    I have some additional jewels and a set of Mascot drill on order sol I am going to make a bushing for the watch to start with – just for the experience. I am curious about something however… how much success have you had using a closing punch from the Inverto staking set to reduce a jewel hole size? I have the reprinted manual from the K&D set that give a pretty good description. If I can get it down from 3.25mm to +-2.8mm then I can order a replacement jewel from CousinsUK. According to the instructions, one would close the hole from both sides of the plate, and then ream it back out to size – in this example, back to 2.9mm for a 3.0 jewel. I may be asking alot from this operation though.

    Thanks everyone!