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    Hey thanks for posting. Here’s the status on the watch…

    I’m looking for an balance staff for it – the old one is a little short, so I really can’t do anything else until I get that situation fixed. I also have a railroad quality Elgin with a cracked friction fit bottom pallet jewel. So, I pushed it out and found a candidate at CousingUK. The pivot dia. is 0.14mm and the hole is +-3.14mm in diameter. The problem is that the biggest jewel is they have is 3.00mm. This is a time when I really need a steel push pin set as I am using my digital caliper which is no where nearly accurate enough. Since the jewel came out in pieces I’m left with trying to measure the hole. As the hole appears to be a little bigger than the jewel (and I’m not sure of that yet) I am torn between trying to find a parts watch with a good jewel or reaming the hole and putting a setting jewel in its place. Clearly, that will change the watch from its original state. Well…. the fun continues as does the learning. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    Good luck and again… welcome.