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david pierce
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If you have another movement of the same type that works, it will make the job easier. I looked at the photo of your movement and the position of the right jewel is a bit unclear to me. With a second movement that does work you can trace through the escape and pallet movements simultaniously and check for differences in spacing and angles. It will also give you a more clear mental picture of where you want to go with the repair and adjustment of the non working movement. Keep in mind that this is a basic cam driven mechanical lever system. The cam is the escape wheel, the cam follower is the pallet jewel and the lever is the pallet arm. The angle of the pallet jewel is crutial in transferring the force from the escape wheel to the lever arm (pallet arm), then to the roller jewel and finally to the balance wheel to wind up the balance spring. After the pallet fork has done its job, it is held in the proper position by the banking pin until the spring forces the flywheel (balance wheel) back in the other direction, the roller jewel hits the fork and unlocks the latch. Getting everything to work properly is messy because any adjustment made will affect the other adjustments.

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