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    I have the machinist handbook. It looks alot like the strutural steel handbooks that used in the structural engineering industry when we sized structural members. It also contained standard data for designing connections, bolts, plates, channels. math formulas, etc. I can see a parallel between the industry I was in for about twenty years where we went from hand calculations to using 3D integrated finite analysis software for design and in some areas of the industry, for fabrication.

    Oh… I do have another question. When I attach my 3-way cross slide to my lathe and mount my QC tool post with a 1/4″ cutting tool in places, I have to push the tool all the way to bottom of the holder. When I do this, it’s just a few thousands above the centerline of the lathe head stock. This leads me to see the need to take a few thousands off of the bottom of the alluminum tool holder. Any thoughs on this?