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Most of the drill chucks I delt with used a #33 Jacobs Taper and once attached to the R-8 holder, remained there forever. The holder and chuck will come out of the spindle as a unit. Do not try to seperate them. The R-8 collets look like giant WW collets and work in a similar fashion. They are usually purchased in sets (Enco) and are not very expensive. The good news with the end mill holders is you only need a couple of the smaller sizes as the larger sizes would be used in a Bridgeport size machine.


I have a set of 13 Chinese collets that I got from Enco. Now I understand how they mount. I also bought the 0-1/4″ dia. Jacobs chuck from them. So… it looks ike I need some sort of R8 threaded holder for that one. Other than that, it looks like I’m ready to start.

I have some aluminum bar stock set up in the vise supported by some parallels and I’m about to cut some T-bolts for my 3-way cross slide. After that, my next project is to take some material off the bottom of my QC tool holders. When I mount the QC Post into my three way and load a 1/4″ cutter, the tip is a little too high for my lathe even when I have the holder all the way down and the cutter is at the bottom. It won’t require removing very much aluminum to get it where it needs to be.

Well, let the fun begin… If I survive this, I might post a few picks. We can use them as a negative example. ;)



I finished the T-slots… not great but they fit!

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