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It’ll be next weekend (I hope). However, I will post pictures in that area when I get it up and running. I’m sure I’ll have a question or two when setting it up. I did find a video on YouTube of a guy setting his up, but its not really very informative. I’ve read the manual a few times and it’s pretty limited too. Mainly I’ll have to clean the packing grease off of it.

Oh – I do have one question…

If I’m doing watch stuff and not taking big cuts or anything, do I need to bolt it down? I can do it, but if its heavy enough (and it is HEAVY), I’ll just leave it sitting on the table. I’m just worried that the vibrations from milling might cause it to dance around. BTW… my first project is to make some aluminum T-bolts for my lathe 3-way.

I’ve bought alot of stuff for it too. I’ll be using it for tapping with a spring loaded tapping guide (NOT under power) so I can get the threading straight. I only have one functioning eye, so there’s just no depth perception – its easy for me to get things out of alignment. This will help.



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