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Bob Tascione
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Hi Evan,
Beautiful Clock!
The double or dual strike is very common with these and with some other French clocks. In the case of Morbier I believe they could be ordered with or without this function. It allowed for a ‘second chance’ to count the strike in case the first count was missed or uncertain. Also have seen some clocks strike both times on one bell only and others strike the first time on a bell and the second on a gong. Using both bell and gong made clear to the listener if the stike sequence was occuring at exactly the hour or if the stike is the second strike occuring a few minutes after the hour.
As for the dial screw/nut. Since it’s your clock you could always put a HW store set on for now and replace with more authentic later when you have the chance. I’m sure you’re anxious to have it up and running! I don’t blame you. That’s a very nice looking clock!
Do you happen to have a closer pic of the face/dial? Would love to see it if you do.
Hope this helps Evan and congrats on a nice find.

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