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    Hi Evan,
    Nice clock. How tall is that one? The one I had was 8.5′. I aquired mine from a man here in Okla., about 10 years ago. It had tole painting all down the front, which you could not see untill it wa cleaned. My clock came from Chateauneuf France. Alot of them came to the U.S. at the end of WWII,withe returning soldiers. The man that got mine from had four of them in his warehouse. I did a repair job on a showcase for him for a $100.00, and he gave me my choise of cases and movements. I chose the 8.5′ case because, it was the only one that I could get in my house. The others are 9′ tall and 9.5′. the movements all had different hammered brass faces. I chose the one with the hunter and hounds scene. As far as moving them. I removed the weights and movement and layed it in theback of my pickup. I hauled from Okla. to Penn. without any problems. I did find that the best way to stand then, was to attach them to the wall about a quarter of an inch off the floor. By doing this,vibration from the floor did not effect the was it ran. I have been trying to buy the other clocks from this guy ever since, but after seeing what they are supposed to look like, He won’t sell. I guess I will have to wait for his estate sale.