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    I will start with a disclaimer: I am not an expert on comtoises but I do have some documentation about those interresting clocks.

    Sorry Paul, Albi is the place where the clock was sold. The name and place on the dial of comtoises are those of the shop selling the clock. They where made around Morbier, a place in the French Jura, in the region France Comté. That’s where the name Morbier or Comtoise originates. Resellers had the dials made with their name on it.

    I will have to guess for the abbreviations but I think that it stands for “Première Qualité Guarantie” meaning “first quality guaranteed”.

    The cases were usually made in pine and decoration was painted. Inlay is scarce for Morbier cases. Comtoises were “low cost” clocks and did not (usually) use expensive materials and/or techniques. They were meant to be used in farmhouses.

    I have no idea about price since this depends largely on the state of the clock and case. Cases in immaculate condition are very rare and hard to find. The cases were not build to withstand time given they were usually in lower quality wood. This case looks in a pretty good shape seen from the pictures. The model and decoration correspond with cases of the period (end XIX – beginning XX).