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Hey Bernard, some quick thoughts, what brand of clock do you have, also is this a striking clock? if so what type of strike mechanism, interesting it would run for 3 weeks then suddenly stop, could there be a bent tooth OR possible a tooth that is almost broke off? could fall in the way and bind the works but at times fall back into place and look o.k., very hard to see. maybe I am stretching it a bit but I would set it to the time it seems to stop and check all things at their meshing points (actually no matter what time your at start checking all things), use some tweezers and grab hold of things to make sure they are all o.k. Also the idea of it stopping as the minute hand is on the up stroke could be a sign there is a lack of power, is this the time it always stops? but as I think you saying it seems more like no power at all than just struggling. All I can think of to look at at this point. keep us updated and have fun, William

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