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    After using the countershaft and Merlin motor combo for awhile, I have a concern about the RPMs. It appears that, no matter what pulley combination I use the RPMs don’t seem to vary much – only the tourque changes. The motor does whatever it needs to in order to run at its max speed. I have a milling machine rheostat hooked up that allows for variable speed or full speed and even when I switch it to variable speed, it slowly cranks up to full speed.

    I don’t have a problem with this except when I’m trying to turn steel rod (it’s not hardened steel). What I think is happening is that the RPMs are too high, and before I can take a good cut, my graver dulls, skims accross the surface, and hardens it.

    So my question is… do I have the motor wired correctly? It came with no directions – I was only able to figure out the wiring scheme from picures on eBay.