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    Hi William, I stripped the barrel down again and replaced the spring back in, It was loaded into the barrel OK. The problem was on the arbor, It had a very small piece out of the catch which was causing it to slip. this was only visible through a 5 loupe. I changed the arbor and all is fine. I am winding springs by hand at the moment as my spring winder is still being made by a local engineer from the plans of Joe Collins, its being made in Aluminium. It should be ready on Tuesday. Thanks for the tip on the canon pinion. I am getting there (slowly slowly catchy monkey) Really enjoying this fantastic hobby. Someday I hope to repair and restore other peoples clocks, but that’s in the future. I have 8 clocks to do and 7 pocket watches and 5 wrist watches. Some donated to me others bought as non runners from ebay. My latest acquisition was the German carriage clock (photo’s posted) and a German Cuckoo Clock with a slipped going train chain, so it needs sorting but the Cuckoo and stike side is working fine. I will probably need advice on that when the time comes. Well must get on as times moving on and my workshop is calling.
    Thanks again