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    Hi Alan, when you wind it I am assuming it takes a couple of winds before is actually “knocks” like you say, it is possible it is not catching the barrel tab on the outer part of the mainspring, this has to catch properly, How are you putting the mainspring back in? by hand or a winder? if by hand you have to make sure it is catching before putting the rest of the mainspring in as once the rest is in it can hinder the ability for it to catch, if using a winder with a sleeve you can spin it in there and make sure it catches before releasing the spring into the barrel. as far as the star cam and cannon pinion, I put that back on “close” but check as you go with the snail/cannon piece to make sure it sits BELOW the shoulder where the minute hand attaches (having a brain fart on nomenclature), for example if you put the minute hand on and tighten it up it should not touch the cannon pipe or else the clock will not run proper. you do not want it to tight to the plate either. hope that makes sense, and remember you cant get frustrated until I do, O.K.?. Keep on keepin on Alan. William