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Hi William, the spring is in the right way round and its not catching on the barrel. On inserting the arbor it grips the spring fine, put on barrel cap and reassemble
refit the clicks and give it a wind. strange knock and no wind. The mainspring replaced in barrel exactly the same , no problem. I will strip the strike out again, remove spring and wait till I can see if someone has any ideas. This is my first clock repair so a little lost, but I’m getting there, It has been a long process of trial and error when rebuilding the movement. the biggest problem has been the strike star wheel and getting that upside down. I kept looking at it and after a while I managed to work it out. When this barrel problem is solved I will then assemble the front plate, I have a question about the cannon pinion . when knocking it back onto the centre arbor how far down the arbor should it go. Should it be fitted right up to the shoulder or just before? Well I guess I’ll wait for the responses about the barrel but in the meantime I will carry on restoring the case. It has been totally stripped of all the old lacquer and wax and back to bare wood. as this is my own clock
this will not be re lacquered but rubbed in with a couple of dozen coat’s of gun stock oil to bring out the natural finish of the wood.
Well best get on, thanks for your help William it’s good to hear from you. Will post more pictures of the shop soon, still a bit of work to do.

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