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Bob Tascione
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Hi Sgoodstall and Welcome to the forum!
If the stuttering occurs at the same point every minute with the watch in the ‘Dial Up Position or Dial Down Position’ (and the 10 min. per day loss began at the same time as the stuttering) then in addition to Davids suggestion of checking for hand to dial contact also check for hand to crystal contact. If this looks good then my feeling would be that the problem would be something going on with the sweep second wheel pinion leaves or the gear teeth. My guess would be a small obstruction like a piece of dust lodged between the sweep second gear teeth. These teeth engage with the escape wheel pinion and a small piece of dust or other obstruction could easily cause enough power loss to allow the escape wheel to stop momentarily. A bent sweep second wheel tooth or pivot could also cause this. I don’t feel that the problem would lie any further along the train either before or after the sweep second wheel though. The mainspring, escape wheel, pallet, balance wheel, balance staff etc. have no direct relationship with this repeating 60 sec. interval stuttering that you’re experiencing.
You can check for an obstruction in the gear teeth with a 10x loupe by removing the auto wind mech. on the ETA 2824-2.
Hope this helps ….

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