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    lad111, hope all is well, you will need several sized bushings for wall clocks, the sizing will be very similar to mantle clocks ect…depending on the clock plate thickness and which pivot needs a bushing will determine sizes, when I first started I bought the Bergeon hard brass bushings set number 5488, this assortment has covered almost all my needs and as I use them I buy the separate packages. Bergeon or KWM doesnt matter except if you have cutters already. I liked the Bergeon sizing system and had adapted my old KWM bushing machine to use the bergeon cutters, I will pay the little bit more for the actual bergeon bushing instead of the american made bergeon sizes only because I have had better success in the tightness of the press fit. I suppose you could take your clock apart noting the pivots that need bushings and measure them and order only what you need. I thought of this at first but after some math figured it would not take long before I spent alot more than what the set costs to begin with. If you are going to work on a German wall regulator the pivots tend to be much smaller than the American wall clocks. in a broad range inside diameters of .50mm to 3.00mm will cover most pivots with a 1.50mm – 2.00mm height , these dimensions are going to determine the cutter size from 1.97mm to 5.47mm or bushing outside diameter of 2.0mm – 5.50mm mostly the sizes in between the numbers I gave you. the set will give you alot of sizes that you wont use very often if ever, but, if you need that goofy size someday it will be there. hope this helps, keep researching and it will get somewhat easier, William