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My friends pop over to my workshop on occasion for a cup of tea and a chat and they are amazed at what I do and am capable of. I am always suprised by this but then when you sit and think about how much time, patience, hair loss and teeth gnashing has gone in to learning this trade I suppose it can be seen as amazing by people who just dont stop to think what goes into repairing and restoring clocks and watches.
Claire does not take a lot of notice anymore :( What she does however notice is when I buy a clock for not very much money, restore it and sell it for very good money :)
I am being a little unfair as if she does get asked what I do for a living she does a very good job of explaining I am a very skilled horologist. I just wish I was :)

well done on getting that clock working, I love Bulova clocks but I am frightened to death of electrical stuff, I have tried reading books etc but the info just dont seem to want to stay in my head, I admire anyone who can get these things working. :)

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