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Bob Tascione
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Hi Tom,
Yes you’re right about some of it being junk. When it comes to case openers I like to use the best quality possible. I use a bench mounted opener but yes, very expensive. The hand held openers can work ok but there is always the danger of slippage which can prove disastrous. Some of the Jaxa (Bergeon) knockoffs are REALLY bad. The Jaxa used in conjunction with a good movement block holder is the best I’ve used. They are well made and for me feel about as secure as a hand held opener can get…but I think they’re up around $200 range! I don’t know of any good Jaxa type knockoffs that are good but there may be something out there. I just haven’t had any first hand experience with what’s available out there now. Maybe others up here know of something good to use.

Take care Tom,

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