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    Hey Paul and David, what kind of holders do you use? 🙄 just kidding, seems a bit childish, I wonder what would have been said if I posted my first clock movement holder? it was a threaded rod with angle brackets, hose clamps and a couple a chunks of wood, I think Bob saw it and said, “HEY great idea, very resourceful”. Glad I didnt get slambashed by someone for it, remember, CRITICISM WILL SQUASH CREATIVITY, all I know is it worked until I could get the one I wanted. hey guys and gals, HAVE FUN with what we do, as for me I will be crotchety enough when I get older :? no sense in arguing where the cow came from if your sitting there eating steak. new ideas are always welcome as far as I am concerned!!!! someone had to invent the first watch movement holder….William