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    Here is another picture but I don’t think it’s much better. I have investigated the mark on the lower left area. What I am sure of is “_a_ch”. First letter looks like “f” however it could be an L and my wife said it might be J. Now to me the third letter looks like an “n” however since the mark is in a script font maybe it could be a “u”? When I start trial and error guessing I come up with a possible makers name of Jauch. I find they were a maker of grandfather clocks earlier. Don’t really know much more about them. Any other possibilities I don’t know about.
    As you can see after I stopped the clock the bob sits at a odd angle which I haven’t done anything to change. Since last night clock is dead on accurate and has a very good tone when it stricks the hour and half hour. It has three stricking hammers. Not really sure where we are going to put it yet but I do like it’s look and the way it sounds.