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    @david pierce wrote:

    If you can get that at a low price get it anyway. The stand alone would be worth it at a bargain price. It may have a microphone and if that is the case it can be fed into an amplifier or an oscilloscope. In any case you can always figure it out after you analyze it.


    This gets me to thinking (uh oh)… Why couldn’t someone build a digital contraption based upon this one, that has a tiny speaker like output device directly below the suspended hairspring. One could devise a computer interface that could pump digitally sampled test hairspring vibrations into it – highly amplified mind you. It seems to me this would work just as effectively as one of those Swiss analog devices that are SOoooo expensive – PLUS – you wouldn’t need to own and/or maintain all of those test hairsrpings, and via the software, you could tweak the sample any ol’ way you wanted. All one would need would be a library of digitized samples and one could have a huge assorment of those in order to vibrate just about any type/size of hair spring. Anyone up for a challenge? I can write the software…

    Or going the other direction, just use a mic below like this one, record and digitize the suspended hair spring vibrations and analize it that way.