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    I’ve always love to fix things or build things. From Legos to model cars and planes, to computers and electronics. If I had to choose one, it’s that I love to fix or troubleshoot problems or issues. My interest in watchmaking started with the Omega Speedy Pro. I have always been a space nut, Star Wars, Star Trek and of course the real deal; the NASA space programs.

    I never really noticed or heard of the “moon watch”. It wasn’t until I accidentally stumble upon the speedmaster-mission.net website that I was pulled into the world of watches. When I first saw the 321 movement with all the shine of the gears and beat of the balance spring, it was a start of a big adventure.

    It was then I wanted to know how watches work. What made them tick? I went straight to eBay and bought a really cheap lot of non-working watches with AS movements and a cheap set of watch repair tools. I wish I could say that I jumped right in and became a master watch repairman, but I broke more watches then I was actually fixing. I’ve made every single rookie mistake, I am sure.

    But after all that, I am still a complete newbie when it come to actual watch repair, and understanding. It’s why I signed up for this course.

    One piece of advice I would like to say to anyone completely new to watchmaking/horology/watch repair etc. DO NOT GET INTO THE POLITICS OF THE INDUSTRY. That is if you dont want it to ruin your fun. I jumped full in, and joined a bunch of groups and places. One of those places, which I won’t name, I regret greatly. It ruined the fun and enjoyment I had to step away for a bit. It jaded me in some senses, and I’ve only been into this for about a year! So if I throw a bit of watchmaking political nonsense, let me know, and I’ll shut up.

    I plan to keep this a great and fun hobby, no plans to make this a profession.

    Kind Regards