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I use a bench grinder converted to a polisher with “pigtails” which are a tight fit and also have a grub screw to fit. I use black nylon bristle brushes to polish clock plates with cut-outs and 4″ cotton mops (non stitched) for full plates. Three types of buffing wax, brown (tripoli) – which is coarse and good enough to remove lacquer and corrosion, blue – almost good enough for a final polish and red(rouge) – which gives an almost glass like final polish. Parafin comes in handy to put on the wheels to polish off any wax residue. You must make sure after polishing clock plates you peg the holes out very well otherwise the wax polish will help to grind away the pivots at an accelerated rate. After polishing the plates I run them through the ultrasonic to help give them a final clean, rinse with warm soapy water, then just rinse with warm water. Once dry I give them a final brush with chalk and clock brush (wear gloves so you dont leave any finger prints) and then if needed I apply shellac lacquer with a very fine and soft brush.
For polishing watch parts you will need someone elses help.

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