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Bob Tascione
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Thanks for remembering David.
I wish. It’s still sitting up in the U.S. in two unopened boxes. I’m anxious to get my hands on it but it will be at least a couple of weeks to a month before I get back up there again. I did get the rest of that 12 inch Enco (Chinese) lathe down here in the last trip and have it all assembled in the garage now. Not permanently wired up yet but hope to have it going in a few days. Also brought some stuff for the 7″ Hardinge we discussed on the phone as well as a flat screen TV and some computer stuff so figured I was going to get nailed at customs as it was (which I did). Decided to wait until the next trip to bring the Sincere and a few other things that are waiting up there. I should have just brought it down since it looks like I’ll have to declare it anyway.

Adios for now,

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