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    Hey Tmac, Great-looking drawing you’re very talented, One thing to keep in mind, And I’ve learned this over the years, Is that Something may look really good on paper but in practical application there are some issues. I would not Disregard your slots Because I think you would have a difficult time lining things up to center. Also if using this for clocks you will have a multitude of sizes of things that can get in the way, for instance a lantern pinion, or a cam or whatever, I find that the more space available for the item makes it easier to get things set up and once set up to have room to work. The one I made is nothing special but I had decided to make it as big as I could even then it can be a trick chucking up a wheel arbor and setting the steady rest in place. Just brainstorming ideas here. In the past when I would want to design something I would spend as short a time “rigging” up a prototype usually finding a change needs to be made to get what I was thinking and then refining the design as I go until finding the best way without spending a ton of time. I did this often when building furniture and would catch many unthought of issues. I can’t wait to see what you come up with, I am sure it will be something nice and Paul will have to buy me one from you. William