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david pierce

    The through bolt must have a threaded nut (T-NUT) that fits into the slot on the compound slide. If one was not provided go ahead and make the first one by hand so you can get your lathe up and running. Start by measuring the slot and make a sketch of a “T-NUT” that will fit into the cross slide. Brass should be ok and it is much easier to cut than steel. To make the part by hand remove the metal by any means at your disposal such as a hack saw and file. If you don’t have a drill press you can drill the hole with a hand drill. Further down the road you can make one out of steel on a milling machine. If you get the Harbor Freight mill you will not need to purchase a $360.00 drill press as it has a rack and pinion feed that moves the head assembly up and down the box column. Because it has an R-8 spindle you can use industrial quality end mill holders, collets and drill chucks. End mill cutters will not slip in an end mill holder and drill bits will not slip in a Jacobs industrial quality drill chuck. As your machining skills progress you will really appreciate this mill.