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david pierce
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Paul is spot on with his post. Get what you need when starting out. You can always get more tools later as your intrests expand and you wish to do more complex repairs down the road. There are many ” Swiss designer label” tools that in my view are overpriced and, in the end, do the same job a less prestigious tool will do. There are also a lot of not so good inexpensive tools out there. I can’t remember the exact price for a set of Bergeon tweezers but it was several hundred dollars. For $ 30.00 a set, STELLA tweezers are beautifully made and pick up small watch parts. There are Swiss designer label loupes that cost hundreds of dollars but the Bausch & Lomb loupes are just fine.
In addition to watching Bob’s videos there are numerous books available from Ebay and other sources. One of the most useful books, especially when starting out, is PRACTICAL WATCH REPAIRING by Donald de Carle. There are also numerous videos on Youtube showing watch repair.

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