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    hey corton1, welcome to the forum, sounds like you are really excited about getting started, that is awesome!!!! I know gathering tools is a HUGE task and I see you have many questions about them, if you can please look up past posts, I know there has been alot of discussion on tools in the past, yes, screwdrivers do have to be addressed or resharpened, at least for me as I have been working on some abused pocket watches and the very tips of the blade can be broke if there happens to be a stubborn screw, to have extra blades is a good idea, and I think Bear had some issues with these at one time. I have the bergeon set that comes with 9 sizes and cost some where around $100.00 with one extra set of blades. I think Jim on here had bought the bergeon blades and fit them into a cheaper handle set and he saved alot of cash, great idea but I cannot remember what he got. I am happy with the set I purchased, I think it was worth it, but I do not think I would spend any more than that. I like the hardened blades and have not used the softer ones you describe. @corton1 wrote:

    What are the working differences between chromed brass and stainless steel blades

    , it is possible they have their place but I am not sure…..If you are going to be working on smaller watches I think you are going to want the .50MM. keep looking for stones, they are handy to have but It sounds like you are looking at a really expensive one, I bought a new coarse / fine india stone for $10.00 somewhere. after cheacking out the previous posts on tools let us know if you are needing anything else, also I think somewhere on the coarse Bob has more info on tooling. have a fun time, William