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thanks guys for the input,I’ll check out the leads you gave and absorb more info yea!They have the bow and horse hair string at Ottos for $55.00 and $10.00 respectively.Any other sources National Jewelry was a bust.Also the pivot file and burnishers.I don’t know if it’s just me,when I put in tool or product names at the supply houses for the most part the search engine says the item does’nt exist and when you look page by page ther it is same name and everything.Whats up with that?

The guys in the video use monofilament fishing line anchored on one end to a strip of elastic tied to the back of a work table. It’s looped around the lathe pulley and then supports a weight about that of a big key ring allowing the user to simply pull down on the weight and when releasing, the elastic puts it back in its equalibrium. This is much easier to use than the old bows.

Regarding the pivot files…

Go to this supplier:

Then, click on the link entitled: “Burnisher-pivot file/burnisher”

This will bring up a PDF file that lists LH and RH pivot files.


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