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    hey tmac1956. I hear you when you say your having a learning experience, the first 3 pocket watches I have done have needed just about everything, keep your chin up because when your done and it is finally running how great a feeling and you will have stories to tell!!! It is a great learning experience and I wait patiently for one that just needs a cleaning…. remember that once you remove material its pretty hard to put it back on, I hope someone with more knowledge than I can chime in here but my thought is to try and “push” or “rub” open the part of the setting that holds the jewel, that is the concept of rubbing them in and out, there is a certain tool you can use but you can also make something that will work, but I am wondering if there is anything wrong with the jewel itself, if not then possibly you can clean up the area surrounding it, check the end-shake first to see if it is set in right because in the pics it looks at a different depth than the jewel next to it, just a thought. you may be able to find a parts movement and use a part from it, still might have a issue with it not fitting properly in the plate but you may be able to do something nicer than what has already happened, have fun< William