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david pierce

    Start by deciding what you want to machine before making a decision. The Taig, especially with the ER-16 spindle should be perfect for clock size parts. If you need a lathe to make .1 mm diameter watch pivots, the Taig would not be a good choice. The Taig offers a lot more size and power than a WW lathe and the ER-16 collets hold better. They are also less expensive than the WW collets and each collet can accommodate a larger range of shaft sizes. It can take heavier cuts and can utilize larger drill bits than a WW machine. There are also numerous accessories that are available and affordable for the Taig. The motor is massave for a small lathe and is quiet when it runs.
    There are videos of the machine on Youtube and other internet places so you can see it running. If the parts you want to make are in the size range the lathe is designed for, you should be very happy with the machine.