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Unless you want to go down the used route, save some cash and buy a used motor and or new pulleys I would get the motor with it. The main things to get first would be a 3 jaw chuck and maybe the collet set. I would definitely get the tailstock which you will use for drilling out and re-pivoting bigger arbors than you can fit in your watchmakers lathe. Do you have the means to sharpen and shape your tool cutting bits? A small bench grinder can come in handy for this. Other than that I cant think of much more you will need in the course of basic clock repairs. A quick change tool post set saves a lot of time but is not essential. 1190 steady rest is useful unless you fancy having a go at making one like Williams. I know David likes the accuracy of a 4 jaw chuck and it certainly does have its place in the tool kit but just for cutting arbors etc a 3 jaw should be perfectly adequate.
It is then a matter of equipment to be used with the lathe.
Center drills, Drill bits, jacobs chuck for the tailstock, boring bars, tool steel for bits etc.

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