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Thanks David, I have a older KWM hand crank bushing machine that has a drill chuck to hold the cutters, for me this works well and has the clamps that hold the plates in place, it is very accurate with the cutters and does alright drilling, a dual purpose tool for one price (which was quite a bit). I use it constantly in bushing clocks. I also have a Seitz jeweling tool that has the ability to cut small accurate holes with reamers and spade cutters for the watchmaker (I have not been able to spend much time with this tool yet) As I think about it :geek: I would like to have a 4 car garage full of all the tools Bob would buy for me, but that really isnt possible as I can only use up a 2 1/2 car space, I have bought the Seitz and have a full sized complete staking set and this and that, possible I have spent too much and ended up with some items I may not use much, that would really be my point. In the end I guess it all depends on necessity and mullah. A good drill press for general work is handy dandy, thank you for the insight on this thread ;) , Have fun today :D , William

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