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    Hi William, I pretty much agree with Mahlon you have to know what you are buying and hope to make a profit on the resale. It is difficult to purchase a watch on the internet becuase you don’t have it in your hand to really look it over for problems or if running to hear it tick and see how it acts. I have been lucky on the bay in regard to buying pocket watches/watches. But I think that is because every pocket watch I buy I intend to do a COA and then re-sell it. This way I know it has been serviced and the person purchasing a watch from me is getting an accurate description. I think in a lot of cases people selling on ebay are not trying to be deceitful but rather do not know much about what they are selling (not always) but that is just me thinking. My advice to all is never buy a broken watch from a watch person because it is probably something he could not fix so what makes me/you think we can fix it. These are the words of an old watchmaker (my mentor), I can still to this day see him giving me this lecture. Steadypin.