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Hey Will,
We have a few rules when buying anything used( after 35 years of dealing in antiques). 1. We never buy anything that we would not put in our home. 2. We always figure on restoring, what ever it is. I believe that human nature dictates that, what ever buiseness your in, we all believe that we are just alittle bit better at what we do than anyone else. 3. we never try to talk the seller down,( we can either afford to buy, and restore the piece, or we can’t). That way if it turns out that we make alot of money on the piece, we do not have to feel guilty of taking advantage of the selling. The seller has no reason to be mad,(he got what he was asking) 😥 . Usually, when you are buying, the piece seems to be in a place where the lighting is poor, or we are always in a bit of a hurry, but the piece somehow looks to good to pass up. Sometimes you get diamonds, sometimes you get coal 😯 There is an old saying in the antique trade, (when you have something to sell it’s junk 😥 but if I have something to sell it is a fine antique 🙄

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