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david pierce
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Keep checking with Ebay. The Lorch locking pin looks similar to the Wolf Jahn but the diameter of the pivoting pin is larger on the Lorch and will not fit the Wolf Jahn. If a Wolf Jahn locking pin comes up for sale buy it immediately. The wax chucks will allow you to center your work dead on. They take longer to secure your work but they can provide more concentricity than a split collet. There is a Steffan Pahlow video on Youtube where he centers a part in a wax chuck. They can also grab a taper accurately such as the tapered side of a staff. There are headstock accessories such as 3 jaw chucks and bezel chucks but these items can push the lathe beyond its size. It was specifically designed to make small things and larger lathes will do a better job and can take more abuse than a 6mm pivot lathe. I had to put a one horsepower motor on my Unimat before I could take a reasonable cut without stalling the motor out. A professional bicycle racer can only produce about 1/3 of a horsepower in his prime.

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