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@david pierce wrote:

I already had collets so I did not buy any from Sincere. The thread on the regular Sincere collets are metric and will not fit the .275-40 tpi standard. When I bought my lathe I had to run a tap into the drawbar hole so it would accept the standard collets. Sincere now offers drawbars to accept the standard WW collets and they may now also offer collets with the standard thread but I don’t know. I do know that the lathe is extremely accurate and produces a beautiful finish. As with any Geneva style lathe they are designed for small parts and should not be pushed past their limit.


if I understand this correctly, one can use standard WW-collets in the Sincere lathe by adapting the drawbar. I worried that the collets would also differ in other dimensions than the thread on the drawbar. I would not appreciate to buy all new collets, since I do own WW-collets already.
Thanks for the information.


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