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    After doing a bit more research I found that green soap contains isopropyl alcohol. I then did a search on isopropyl alcohol and came up with the data sheet on the L&R Clock Cleaning Solution.
    Their CONCENTRATED solution contains;

    WATER 10-20%
    OLEIC ACID 5-10%
    PINE OIL 5-10%

    1 Pint of this makes 1 gallon of solution. Just add tap water although to make sure it didnt leave any residue I would add distilled water.

    This is starting to make me think that the green soap is the best way to go as the Isopropyl alcohol is obviously doing something useful.
    My solution at the moment is;
    85% Tap water
    14% Fairy Liquid (dish detergent)
    1% 99% pure ammonia.
    It does a fantastic job and makes the brass bright and shiny but I have seen movements come out cleaner, well, maybe not cleaner but not a single trace of black grot left on the brass. I have bought a tub of traditional soft soap which looks like cake mix and is not quite liquid, I will mix this up with warm water to get it liquid, add in a small amount of ammonia and try it with and without the Isopropyl alcohol to see if there is any difference.
    At this point I am not too sure how essential Oleic acid is, something else I will try in my mixtures. :)