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the inside diameter on mine is 57.6mm but I just found a ring that I thought would be large enough to fit over most wheels and clear the lathe bed, as far as determining the height look closely at picture # 3, first I made the ring and the base separately then I have a small diameter rod chucked up making sure it was centered with the tail stock, I used a clamp to hold the top and bottom together exactly where it needed to be with the resting pins all the way in to the rod , carefully take it off the lathe and braze or solder together and whallah 😯 , have fun and dont be afraid to experiment as I think there may be some better ways and maybe different parts. if you come up with any please post them here. William


I have access to welding students at a technical program and can get stuff built for material + 20% + 9% sales tax. The catch is that I have to draw up the plans. Since I was a CAD drafter for many years, I still have the CAD software – I just need to be sure I get it right first. ;)

Thanks again!

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