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    Howdy Dustin, I watched the short documentary video and enjoyed it very much, I cant wait for you to finish your project, I have a feeling it will be fantastic ;) !!!! I know you have a truckload of ideas and information and like you said you could make a whole series on the subject. for me personally I like the stories of the people and how or why they have found horology so interesting and enjoyable along with the path that got them there, But, thats me…It sound like the direction you are going will be very educational sparking a new interest and will be a huge hit!!!! Funny how man is obsessed with time keeping yet most think nothing of it, the real reason of why it is so important, O.K. now you really got me thinkin…so I better say “THANK you for your efforts in what you are doing”, before I write a book 🙄 ….. May the God who created time (yet is not subject to it) bless you, your colleagues and the adventurous path your on. William