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Hey Charles, great job on the repair, I have a book that goes into detail on bellow replacement, it is called “The clock repair, first reader” by Philip E. Balcomb, he has a series of books that are easy to follow. I am sure there are hundreds of other books out there on this subject but I have acquired these from somewhere. I find the folding of the bellows is rather simple, the trick is to cut them out properly and adhere them to the top and bottom, the glue to adhere them can be just about anything that will hold the material to the wood pieces, some will use a rubber cement, I like to use a fast setting glue like glues I have used for remote control airplanes commonly called C S (not sure what c s means) but it is extremely fast setting. bought from a hobby shop and in my opinion makes adhering bellows easier and quicker but you have to be accurate. I did experiment with several other types of glues but most would require a period of time to set which I found very time consuming and clumsy (maybe just me 🙄 ) Well, have fun experimenting and let us know what you come up with, William

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