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    I am with Paul on this, magnification and lighting are essential and can be frustrating in finding the best for you, I have gone thru several different types of magnification devises and I am still not completely happy, glad I have not stuck a bunch of money into something I dont like, As Paul suggested, you will find out the more important tools as you go. I am not sure what #14 is, but be careful with magnetism around watches and clocks. I have a garage full of tools from my previous business, they do some good but for the most part are useless for watch repair, if you are patient ( I am not) and start small , add as you go, I think in the end you will be happier. Also I do not know if you have worked on any watches yet but after toying with a few you will most likely get a better handle on what you really need. Blessings on your adventure, How much more fun can it be???? William